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Accelerate the shift to a sustainable world

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Develop sustainable living habits through challenges and sustainable lifestyle programmes. Collect points and earn rewards!

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Capture aims to encourage people to adopt a climate-friendly lifestyle. The platform provides you with a gamified learning experience with in-app challenges and sustainable lifestyle programmes and allows you to earn rewards. We ultimately seek to empower everyone on a business, individual and community level to drive real change!  

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For sustainable businesses

Develop engaging, gamified sustainability programmes. Accomplish your ESG goals and nurture an engaged, happy, and sustainable workforce. 


Engage your employees in sustainability through a gamified user experience. They can form teams, track, reduce and remove their CO2 emissions, participate in challenges, earn badges, points and rewards and compare their sustainability progress with their peers through leaderboards. 


The app also helps employees learn and become certified in sustainability best practices and ESG compliance.

As admin, you have access to our secure web-based dashboard to monitor progress including:

Live-tracking of emissions from mobility choices

Leaderboards and CO2 savings

Overall employee participation and engagement

For sustainable individuals and communities


Track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life.


Create a global movement through collective individual action. Learn about the steps to take to transition to a sustainable lifestyle, complete challenges, earn rewards and contribute to your preferred causes.

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