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climate heroes

Car to the office, train to a meeting, flight for work?


Capture helps you keep track of your climate footprint from everyday mobility choices, offsetting through forestry planting around the world.

Learn more about your climate footprint


Capture helps you keep track of your climate footprint from daily mobility choices.

We use GPS tracking to predict journey time and journey mode - so you can keep up with your carbon footprint on a daily basis. 

How Can We Help You



Set yourself weekly goals, start a team challenge with friends, or simply compare your footprint week on week.

The Capture app gives you tips & real-time feedback on your progress towards a lower carbon lifestyle (with no judgement!).


No matter how much of a green lifestyle we strive to lead, most of us emit CO2 from mobility choices - Capture helps you remove it.

Auto-offset your monthly emissions through verified carbon offsetting projects, all focused on trees; protecting, regenerating or planting new forests.


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Track, reduce and remove your carbon footprint through 
forestry projects. A friendly ‘eco-coach’ in your pocket for 
the daily carbon-conscious explorer.

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Meet Team Capture

The inspiration behind Capture came from our personal challenge of navigating our lives in the most environmentally-friendly way possible - but struggling to keep track of our progress and make the best decisions on a daily basis. 

CoFounders Aziz & Josie created the Capture app to empower and help people striving to live a ‘carbon-conscious’ life. Unleashing the ‘climate hero’ within us all. 

Capture was born from the Antler incubator program in Singapore, and the team is growing rapidly! If you have the passion to enable & help people on their eco-journeys, we would love to hear from you. 

About our strategy, partnerships, investment enquiries and job openings

Abdul Aziz
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Please email join@thecapture. club and share why you’re interested in the project.
Josie Stoker
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find an answer? Please email us at
The App
Privacy & security
How can I download Capture?
The Capture app is available to public on the App Store and Google Play. We are continuing to roll out new features every day to make emission calculations more thorough, add new tracking capabilities and many new cool features to the app.
What difference can one person make?
The wealthiest 10% of the world’s population are responsible for 49% of world CO2 emissions (Oxfam, 2015). Capture is designed with that 10% in mind. We created our app to help the largest-impact individuals increase awareness of their emissions, reduce and offset them. It can be frustrating and lonely trying to do your bit for the environment surrounded by those who don’t always share your concern. With Capture, we hope you’ll enjoy joining forces with other carbon-conscious Capturers around the world and see the power of collective action.
What about carbon emissions from food, clothes and other parts of my life?
Coming soon! Here at Capture, we want to enable our users to live carbon-conscious lives; not just tracking, reducing and removing CO2 emissions from mobility choices, but helping you do all that for food decisions, purchases, home electricity usage and more. Take a look at our product road-map here
How accurate is Capture?
​Capture predicts your carbon footprint using GPS information to help predict you daily modes of travel, then the equivalent CO2 emissions. Estimations are based on research by scientists and advisors at Capture backed by data from IPCC and UNFCCC.  We will also be adding future features to help us increase the accuracy of the emission calculations (for example, asking for the model of your car). 

Available For Your Smartphone.

Start your carbon concious living today. Download our app to
automatically capture your emissions, improve your lifestyle
and then remove your emissions with your favourite projects!

Interested in Joining Team Capture?

We are currently building an amazing team. Explore our latest opportunities below, but please feel free to
 reach-out if you have any specific ideas of areas in which you’d love to contribute.
Marketing Internship
We are looking for a passionate, self-driven and creative intern to help us implement Capture’s marketing strategy. The internship will involve creating content, helping us with outreach and growth-hacking. You don’t need to be a fully-fledged environmentalist, but a little eco-warrior spirit certainly helps! Paid opportunity. 1-2 months.
Part-time or full-time
Climate Scientist-in-Residence*
We are looking for an individual with research expertise in environmental policy, climate change or sustainability. This position will involve supporting the Capture team in the development of personal emission calculations, answering climate change questions from our users, and advising the team on accuracy. Paid opportunity. Flexible on terms. 
* Please note that this position has been filled

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