About us...

Capture was launched in 2019 by CoFounders Aziz and Josie. The pair set-out to build a tool that would empower the growing number of people around the world who aspired to live a more sustainable life.

The team

Based remotely around the world. Please email join@thecapture.club to enquire about upcoming and available positions.

Josie Stoker


Abdul Aziz


Bilal Shahid


Emily Lombardo

Content & Marketing

Jake Langmead-Jones

Climate Advisor


Can’t find an answer? Get in touch via hello@thecapture.club

The App
Privacy & security
How can I download Capture?
The Capture app is available to public on the App Store and Google Play. Simply search 'carbon footprint & CO2 tracker'. We are continuing to roll out new features weekly to make emission calculations more thorough, add new tracking capabilities and much more...
What about emissions from other parts of life?
Here at Capture, we want to help users live a planet-friendly life; not just through tracking, reducing and removing CO2 emissions from mobility choices & food... Take a look at our product road-map here. We'd love to hear any suggestions from you too.
What difference can one person make?
How accurate is Capture?
The wealthiest 10% of the world’s population are responsible for 49% of world CO2 emissions (Oxfam, 2015). Capture is designed with that 10% in mind. We created our app to help the largest-impact individuals increase awareness of emissions and reduce them. It can be frustrating and lonely trying to do your bit for the environment surrounded by those who don’t always share your concern. With Capture, we hope you’ll enjoy joining forces with other carbon-conscious Capturers around the world to see the power of collective action.
​Capture predicts your carbon footprint from mobility using GPS information to help predict daily modes of travel, then the resulting CO2 emissions. Estimations are based on research by scientists and advisors at Capture, backed by data from IPCC and UNFCCC.  We will also be adding future features to help us increase the accuracy of the emission calculations (for example, asking for the model of your car). If you'd like further details on calculations - please email hello@thecapture.club

Advisors and investors

Capture is backed by an incredible selection of investors and advisors, some featured below

Please email invest@thecapture.club to enquire about our upcoming seed raise

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Luke Jones

Angel Investor

Stephanie Nash

Angel Investor

Steve Melhuish

Angel Investor

Khailee Ng

Angel Investor


Pre-Seed Investor

Terry Blackburn

Angel Investor

Dan Pearson

Legal & Strategy Advisor

Adeline Lee

ASO Advisor

Marc Allen

Sustainability Advisor

Google for Startups


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