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3 Sustainable Food Habits for WFH

As many worldwide reach the one-year anniversary of working from home, many of us are still reaching for comfort food from a variety of food-delivery apps to tide us over. Sound familiar?

Was comfort food the ‘new normal’ for you over the past year? If yes, you’re not the only one... GrubHub’s top delivery food of 2020 was the ‘spicy chicken sandwich.’ Chicken burrito bowls, chicken wings, steak quesadillas, and roast beef sandwiches were all in Grub Hub’s top 10 foods, too.

The Straits Times reported that Singaporeans took comfort in food as online searching and purchases of Milo, bubble tea, and dumplings all skyrocketed when Singapore’s circuit breaker kicked in last April. Breakfast food and fast food deliveries also went up by 50%, according to delivery app Deliveroo.

But what do these cravings for burgers and fried chicken, both top delivery items in 2020 according to Grab and Deliveroo, mean for the planet?

Take a look at the new Capture article on the PropertyGuru blog for a few facts behind emission savings from our daily food choices and how to choose more planet friendly meals while working from home!

Read the full article here.


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