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A Global Survey on Sustainability at Work: How to Successfully Engage Employees in Sustainability

With sustainability taking center stage in many offices around the world, companies might be wondering how they should get started on sustainability initiatives and what their employees are looking for and expecting from them.

One of the many challenges for sustainability leaders is engaging their workforce in sustainable initiatives. Being able to find ways to get employees of all positions, from assembly-line workers to executives, to be actively involved in corporate sustainability efforts is a challenge.

This was what motivated us at Capture to conduct a global survey with 500 participants from 64 countries. We collected feedback from employees about their employer's sustainability initiatives.

“Employees are a critical stakeholder group for corporations seeking to expand their sustainability initiatives, so understanding employee mindsets is essential," said Iris Zhao, CEO of Capture.

Survey results indicated that employees are eager to be actively involved in their company's sustainability programs. 73% of respondents said that they were enthusiastic about workplace sustainability programs.

Some of the most widely requested initiatives include:

  • Transparency and measurement of sustainability efforts

  • Education about sustainability and initiatives within the company

  • Awareness, inclusion and engagement of employees

  • Supply chain accountability

The full findings are released in our 2022 Capture Sustainability at Work report and include key recommendations.


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