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Engage Your Employees in Sustainability This Earth Month

Earth Month occurs in April every year, marking the month when Earth Day falls. Earth Month is a time to raise awareness about the harmful effects of climate change and take action to prevent irreversible damage. This year, Capture is offering discounted access to our platform to help you make Earth Month 2023 your most impactful one yet!

Earth Month started from a movement to raise awareness about the effects of pollution on all living organisms. The first Earth Month was celebrated on April 4, 1970 and by 1990, it became a global phenomenon after 200 million participants from 141 countries took part in the initiative.

For Earth Month 2023, Capture aims to get more companies involved in climate action and encourage their employees to follow suit. Thus, we are offering discounted access to our platform so you can engage your employees without breaking the bank.

How can you engage your employees with Capture this Earth Month?

At Capture, we help organisations build and engage a planet-friendly workforce through data-driven actions. We’ve realised that most companies have trouble engaging their employees in sustainability initiatives for the long term.

Through our app, we provide gamified challenges that employees can complete to reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, to foster a sense of friendly competition, we have a leaderboard that ranks employees based on the amount of emissions they saved. Employees can compete within and between departments.

Gamified employee sustainability challenges can be a fun and engaging way to promote planet-friendly behaviour whilst providing your organisation with valuable insights into your scope 3 emissions.

Our web-based sustainability dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of your workforce and track the amount of emissions saved.

According to the CDP, scope 3 emissions typically account for 75% of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions, and can reach close to 100% for certain industries like financial services and capital goods.

Earth Month is an opportunity for your organisation to demonstrate your commitment to climate action while helping to motivate your employees in their sustainability journey.

Capture helps you engage your workforce by making sustainable habits fun and accessible for all. Not only that, employees would gain a better understanding of the impact their daily travel has through tracking their journeys in the app.

With Capture, you can also upskill your workforce so they will be educated and enabled to take climate actions. All of this while driving a green transformation from bottom-up and top-down.

Take the opportunity to try out the Capture app for your employees at a discounted price this Earth Month. Get in touch with us for more information!


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