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We can get by with a little help from our friends

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Planet-friendly living with Capture is no longer a single-player game... We are so excited to announce the release of a new feature within the Capture app that makes it easy to invite others onto the app too. Let’s take a look at the potential planet-friendly benefits seen when a Capture user invites their friends!

The average annual carbon footprint of an American, a Singaporean, and a Brit is 20 metric tonnes, 8 metric tonnes, and 12.7 metric tonnes respectively. Americans have one of the highest average carbon footprints in the world. Even with Singaporeans clocking in with the relatively low 8 metric tonnes, that’s still more than double the world average. These high averages are largely due to emissions related to transportation systems, travel, and diets with a high volume of meat and dairy consumption. Feeling disheartened? Wondering where to start? That’s where Capture comes in...

In 2020, the average Capture user was able to reduce their emissions from food and transportation by approximately 17%. If one US-based Capture user was to share Capture with 10 American friends who track their emissions, and then who share Capture with another 10 friends who track their emissions, they could be responsible for saving 374 tonnes of CO2!

Let’s break down the savings with a few specific examples... if one friend uses Capture to track their emissions and as a result decides to eat vegetarian one day a week, as opposed to a meat-heavy day, they will be saving the carbon equivalent of driving 1,160 miles per year.

… and speaking of transport, if one friend uses Capture to track their emissions and commits to traveling by public transit rather than by car for their one-hour work commute once a week, they will be saving the carbon equivalent of driving roughly 1,856 miles per year.

Pretty cool for tapping a share button right? ;)

Download the Capture app for free at the App Store or Google Play and continue your journey into planet-friendly living today. Feel free to join the discussions via our Instagram channel!


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