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2022 Capture sustainability
at work survey 

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A global survey conducted by Capture to identify out the most effective ways to successfully engage employees in sustainability initiatives


What is it?

Building a sustainable workforce

A challenge for many sustainability leaders is to successfully engage their workforce in sustainability initiatives. The key to creating a vibrant, sustainable company and to achieving sustainability goals is to find ways to get all employees - from top executives to assembly line workers - personally engaged in day-to-day corporate sustainability efforts.

A way of introducing successful initiatives is to actively listen to what employees consider important and are motivated to engage in.

This is why Capture conducted a global ‘Sustainability at Work’ survey to give employees a voice and share what sustainability aspects they are excited about and want to see their companies implement.

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Survey Method


From August - September 2022, Capture conducted a global ‘Sustainability at Work’ survey and contacted employees from junior and senior backgrounds, different industries and company sizes

The top 5 industries represented are manufacturing (11%), education (10%), health care (9%), IT (9%) and construction (8%)


54% of the respondents work at companies with 501+ employees and 46% at companies with 0 - 500 employees

Based on the employees’ responses to an online questionnaire, Capture collected and analysed data from 500 participating individuals from 64 countries

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