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Planet-friendly living,  
made possible

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The Capture app makes it easy to track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from everyday life. Use it solo, or with your colleagues.

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How does it work?

Build sustainable living habits and earn rewards! 

Learn more about the carbon emissions and carbon footprint from your daily lifestyle. Capture can help you towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle, whether through sustainable travel, reducing your dietary carbon footprint, or removing CO2 by offsetting the CO2 emissions you can't avoid.


You also get bite-sized tips on how to develop and maintain a sustainable lifestyle in our learning hub. Embark on your sustainability journey today!

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        Calculate​ your personalised monthly CO2 target, based on
        recommendations from the IPCC.


        Enable GPS tracking to help us automatically predict                  emissions from daily journeys. Answer a simple question            to help track emissions from food.

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Check-in with your app to keep an eye on your progress as emissions update automatically.

Enjoy articles, tips & real-time feedback on your progress towards a planet-friendly lifestyle (with no judgement!).


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No matter how much of a sustainable lifestyle we strive to lead, most of us still emit CO2 via our mobility choices - Capture helps you balance that our via offsetting.

Auto-offset or 'offset as you go' to match monthly emissions through a choice of verified carbon offsetting projects around the world.

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