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Membership Announcement: ESG Global Alliance

illuminem announced on Tuesday, 8 November, that Capture will be joining their ESG Global Alliance.

illuminem’s ESG Global Alliance is the 1st Global Alliance for ESG-driven leaders around the world. This alliance allows participating organisations to learn best practices from each other and forge new collaborations.

The Global ESG Alliance is powered by Traent and has over 500 action-leaders from all continents and industries. The Alliance aims to unite organisations for a better world and to show customers and stakeholders that they believe in an ESG-driven future.

illuminem is the world's leading source of sustainability and energy information. It is a platform that provides the most effective, updated and comprehensive energy & sustainability news, editorials, research, reports and videos.

Capture is honoured to be a part of this distinguished program. Joining the ESG Alliance affirms Capture’s commitment to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable world.


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