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Partnership Announcement: Capture <> Just Dabao

We’re excited to announce that Capture will be collaborating with Just Dabao, a platform that helps to reduce food waste!

Just Dabao is a green marketplace reducing food waste. They are a one-stop solution for F&B businesses to buy near-to shelf life food from suppliers and sell their excess or imperfect food to consumers. Thus reducing the food waste in the food supply ecosystem.

Our users will get the option to track emissions of their purchases from Just Dabao through the Capture app and get rewarded for it.

Every day, eateries are forced to throw out their surplus food because they were unsold. What’s more disheartening is that this food is perfectly edible and delicious.

In Singapore, about 9 million kg of food does not even reach our plates every year. This is the unsold food from eateries that gets thrown away. It goes straight from farm to trash.

Considering that we import over 90% of our food in Singapore, imports mean transportation and transportation is the second highest contributor to total greenhouse gas emissions in Singapore. This means that 1 kg of food that went straight from a farm overseas to a trash can in Singapore, generates more emissions than in any other country.

At Capture, we help users to adopt a climate friendly lifestyle. We are happy to partner with organisations that share the same goal of making the planet a better place to live in.

This partnership with Just Dabao will allow us to offer our users new ways to make sustainable switches in their life while helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

If you are also interested to partner with us, apply here:


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