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How to: a vegetarian week on a budget!

Thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but worried about the cost? Even though vegetarianism and veganism are becoming popular dietary choices these days, many misconceptions remain! Enter misconception number 1… ‘I can’t afford to be vegetarian!’

It’s true, some plant based meat and dairy substitutes are expensive. Even more expensive than quality meat in some cases. However, even though these products are out there, keep in mind that they are not a prerequisite to a happy (or indeed healthy) vegetarian diet!

According to a recent study, you could save over $23/week on average when you have a more plant based diet. During this study, vegetarians and vegans spent an average of $102/week while meat-eaters spent $125/week. How to make veggie life more affordable? According to Byrdie, some of the ways that you could save money on a vegetarian diet include:

  • Buy basic ingredients in bulk

  • Make your own treats at home

  • Eat seasonally (do we really need fresh strawberries when it’s freezing outside?!)

  • Use frozen produce

  • Embrace leftovers

  • Meal prep weekly

Keeping these tips in mind, we put together a budget-friendly menu for a week of cheap vegetarian eats! Featuring some of the team’s favourite recipes! A little disclaimer - some of these ingredients are generally more affordable in Europe and the USA, but we hope this can still provide some helpful inspiration for friends in all parts of the world. Around 50% of these meals are vegan.







  • Breakfast: Banana bread (super easy to make, use your squishy leftover bananas!)

  • Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup (leftovers from Tuesday!)

  • Dinner: Tempeh or tofu with a veggie stir fry


Interested in learning more about plant-based diets or how the planet will thank you for your eco-awesomeness? Keep in touch with us via our Instagram channel and feel free to get in touch with the team at


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