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Q4 2019 Team Update

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Greetings from Islamabad!

Team Capture are all in Pakistan this November 2019, working hard to get the app up and running for our soft launch in early December.

A huge thank you for your support and we are really excited to have you join our journey in building one of the first apps to auto track your carbon emissions. We have some exciting years ahead.

This month, we have been focusing on the look and feel of the Capture app, choosing colours and illustrations, but also more importantly we have been developing the calculations that will help us to estimate your emissions from your mobility choices. We have been making some decisions about CO2 removal projects too.

Something really exciting has come up in the area of CO2 removal for individuals called 'Direct Air Capture' - CO2 is removed from the air and pumped deep underground, where in time it transforms safely and securely into stone. What's more - this process is powered by renewable geothermal energy!

There are both advantages and disadvantages between direct air capture versus tree planting when it comes to CO2 removal, so we are making a number of choices available to our users...

We are learning as we go on this project, so would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on our content, plus any ideas or suggestions you have in general.

Please do help spread the word about Capture by sharing our website with your eco-friends. We are also growing our following on social media, so be sure to keep up with our posts there too :)

Until next time,



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